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I have used Mike Wilke (pronounced Wilkie) on several occasions for renovations and "fix it' jobs beyond my own skill level and I was so impressed by his life attitude as well as his knowledge and skills in repairs and renovations I wanted to help others who are looking for a 'Good' handyman or contractor.   Many times I get asked who is good for 'such and such' a job and many times the 'big guys' don't even call you back.  This in itself is annoying and leaves you stranded and frustrated. It makes me look like I don't know who I am recommending and several times those I refer to - leave me sitting with 'egg on my face'.  I know Mike WILL call you back.  Having been in the construction and building renovation business since 1983 he has come all the way from being 'the grunt man' to being site supervisor on many projects simultaneously, as well as doing pricing.  Mike knows not only about doing the job, but how to do it the BEST WAY as well as offering suggestions on ways you may not have thought of which may save you money too.  Handy on the small fix it jobs, or the larger total renovations  he also knows his limits and knows 'who is who' in the world of local construction experts.   Mike does not pay me for this space and I get no commission or kick back from any of his jobs from this site. So why would I give him free space?  It is good for me - that's why.  "Huh?"  If something needs to be fixed prior to you selling your property, or if something needs to be done after you purchase,  
I KNOW that THIS Man of GOD will do it right, and he won't rip you off with shoddy workmanship or fail to complete the job! 

Ken Machinter


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